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Total Active Universe
Active Universe by Age Bands
2-17 18-24 25-34 35-49 50+
Total Active Universe
Active Universe by Age Bands
2-17 18-24 25-34 35-49 50+


NB. Hybrid Streaming metrics do not include video consumed on Mobile Applications.

Nielsen Online Ratings - Hybrid Streaming - Under reporting of YouTube and VEVO audiences & time metrics corrected as of July 2016.
Please note all unique audience and time metrics for The YouTube Brand and VEVO Parent for Nielsen Online Ratings - Hybrid Streaming have been progressively understated since January 2015. This was due to the Nielsen meter not capturing all instances of tags from panelists watching YouTube videos on updated versions of browsers between January 2015-June 2016. This has now been corrected as of July 2016 data in Nielsen Online Ratings - Hybrid Streaming.

Android Duration Crediting Rule now aligned with iOS Duration Crediting - Digital Ratings (Monthly) - August 2016
As of August 2016 Digital Ratings (Monthly) data, a recent metering and crediting enhancement now enables improve​d reporting of mobile usage on Android devices. This involves removing a legacy crediting rule​ globally​ that​ capped usage at 30 minutes. This legacy crediting rule was designed to prevent attributing a gap in measurement as a long duration event. Also known as the "30 minute cap" rule, this limits the amount of usage reported for extensive periods of mobile activity. Nielsen has now aligned the duration crediting rules for Android to that of iOS. As a result, all duration related metrics across both web and app have shown an increase from August 2016.

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Nielsen Digital Audience Measurement Update

Nielsen continues to work with the IAB and the digital industry to develop and evolve its digital audience measurement system to reflect ongoing changes in consumer behaviour.

We are now focussing on building and testing the new methodology for video reporting in the upcoming Digital Content Ratings to replace the Hybrid Streaming data. As a result, there will be no delivery of Hybrid Streaming data beyond the current available month of March 2017. All historical Hybrid Streaming data will still be available in the user interface.

With the launch of Nielsen Digital Content Ratings, the syndicated video report is now available to subscribers in Nielsen Answers.

Please reach out to your Nielsen Account Manager if you have any questions.