Digital Ratings (Monthly) is an audience-centric cross-device measurement solution for smartphones, tablets and PCs and is the first measurement of its kind in Australia. It leverages Nielsen's home and work panels, fused with our smartphone and tablet panels, giving an independent, cross-device view of digital media consumption.

Digital Ratings (Monthly) enables you to:

  • Understand ACTUAL cross-device audience behaviour on computers, smartphones and tablets for websites and apps.
  • View accurate and consistently measured volume metrics (time, sessions, page views) for all web browsing across PC, smartphone and tablet.
  • Measure audience size and reach on mobile applications for the first time.

Digital Ratings (Monthly) is only measuring 'static' content across websites & applications. Video content measurement is not a function of Digital Ratings (Monthly). The Digital Ratings (Monthly) methodology is confidently and reliably able to account for on-platform measurement of audiences. On-platform refers to a publisher's owned platform assets, like their websites and their apps. This applies across all measured devices (PC, smartphone & tablet), both for browser and app.

On mobile devices only, Digital Ratings (Monthly) does not measure in-app content. When a publisher's content is consumed within a third-party app (key examples include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) it is attributed to the third-party app as we are unable to identify the content being consumed in the app environment and assign it back to the publisher. For publisher content viewed using content delivery/aggregation platforms like Google AMP, Apple News, Facebook Instant Articles, again, audiences are only attributed to the third-party, not the publisher. Nielsen's solution for audience attribution of off-platform and in-app measurement is available in Digital Content Ratings. Within this solution, clients can implement Nielsen's Software Development Kit (SDK) on their content and receive direct measurement and attribution of their content consumed via these platforms.